Digital Advertising Screen

Digital Advertising Screen have been slowly taking over conventional prints as put of home advertisement tools. Instead of static pictures, it can run motion pictures which is more attractive and tend to capture attentions of the patrons and customers. A series of advertisements can be running on the same screen and hence, more information will be delivered to the audiences. As a result, it increases the chances of an advertisement getting the interest of a potential customer.

How does it work

Digital Advertising Screen is a LCD screen which has double the brightness of a household TV, it comes with media players that can plays various format of audio and video images. It can also accept multiple inputs and comes with plug and play technology which make it very user-friendly. Some of the models are also equipped with touchscreen functions to make it more interactive.

The contents of the digital advertisements can be the combination of the text, images, video and audio. All of this can be controlled from a computer and the screen can be ran on Android and Windows system. A few related advertisements can be showing at the same screen in an instant or they may run in sequences. In order to get better engagements, the contents of the advertisements are to be as relevant as possible to the patrons.

What are the benefits

It is a perfect tool for merchants to advertise their products and to create awareness. It looks elegant and impressive, it is a great way to attract customers and help to increase your product awareness and sales. Interactive Digital Advertisement Screen can act as another salesperson while everyone is busy, the touchscreen function and interactive contents may help provide information and close the deals.

The merchant has full control of what is displayed at different timings to get the best results out of it. Our Digital Advertising Screen comes with scheduling software where the scheduling of advertisements can be automated. As the contents can be uploaded simply by using a computerised network system, it eliminates the waiting time and cost for printing and deliveries.


How can it help me

Researches showed that people are more attracted to advertisement that are relevant to them. As such marketers may show advertisements to up-sell the services and products to their existing customers to achieve higher sales, as people do not like to be sold a thing, but they like to buy things on their own decision. For example, we play advertisements to sell hair treatment products to a customer who is having her hair cut, or joining a membership to get better discounts for being a loyal customer...etc. If the advertisement was played for 3 times and above, the customer will remember it for the next 30 days and come back for a purchase if not making the purchase on the spot. Marketers may also show interactive advertisements as well to engage with the customers more effectively such as encouraging customers to download an app, get newsletter updates or joining a member...etc.


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