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About Digital Signage Displays

Our Digital Signage Displays uses LCD technologies to show digital images or digital videos. It has many uses in industries such as Digital Menu Boards being used in the food and beverage industry, in retail outlets, beauty and hair saloon...etc. Not only it looks elegant, classy it also help to sell your services and products to your customers by showing relevant advertisements.

Our Digital Signage Display has low power consumption, full HD display with Commercial Grade IPS Panel which means ultra bright display, twice extra bright as commercial TV, the images can run 24/7 without reducing in colour and image quality. The unit uses centralise display control software to mange the content display, and it is cloud base, which means if you have many outlets island wide, the displays in all outlets can be updated in an instant using a centralise unit.

The Digital Signage Display is easy to use, with plug and play technology, and easy to install.  it can be displayed in landscape or portrait orientation. It comes with a super slim screen, which can be easily installed and can be wall mounted. The unit comes with a 1 year warranty and with  a lifetime technical support,

What Are The Benefits

According to statistics by researchers, 80% of the people will enter a shop if the digital signage catch their eyes. 47% of the people will remember the contents of the signages even after 30 days of not seeing it. 40% of consumers admitted that their buying intention or selection of brands were largely influenced by digital displays. Interactive screens will reduce presumptive waiting time by 35% when they are in queue, as the digital contents will distract their attention.

However, marketing teams have utilised digital display screens to achieve more than that. The content of the digital display have been made to be more interactive to engage consumers. Touch Screen Kiosk has been setup at various places like shopping malls and retail outlets to attract consumers to interact with them so as to collect their consumer datas and feedback such as the profiles of the people visiting the stores, their hobbies, buying behaviours, wish list...etc. All these informations are very useful for their subsequent marketing strategies.

Best View Media is a reputated Digital Signage Distributors in Singapore. The company provides Digital Signage Solutions to various industries in Singapore. Their Digital Signage Systems had been used as Digital Menu Boards, Digital Advertising Screen, Interactive Digital Walls...etc.

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6 big screen


Screen Size31.55"42.51"48.5"54.64"70"
Contrast Ratio1200:11200:11200:11200:11200:1
Life Time5000h5000h5000h5000h500h
View Angle176 Degree176 Degree176 Degree176 Degree176 Degree
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