Digital Menu Boards

Digital Display Screen or Digital Signage Kiosk have been used as Digital Menu Boards in the food and beverage industry and it has been gaining popularity especially in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). The screen is used to show various promotional advertisements and to display different menus for breakfast, lunch or dinner at different timings by using scheduling softwares.

Our Digital Menu Boards comes with commercial grade IPS Panel, it runs images 24/7 without reducing the colour and image quality. It is easy install, can be wall mounted or hang from ceiling using our M-Series Digital Display Screen, or getting our L-Series Digital Signage Kiosk or L-Series Touch Screen Kiosk which are installed with integrated castors for easy movements.

It Increases Your Sales

Digital Menu Boards is a powerful tools for up-selling, their ultra bring screen (2x as bright as TV) and its interactive contents is easy to engage the customers. As a result customers will be more engaged by your promotions on discounts or new products.  Statistic proved that Digital Display Screen improves overall sales volume by 38.1%.  Vivid Digital Signage contents also distracts customers while they are in the queue, as a result, customer experiences improves, perceived waiting time is reduced by 35%. While choosing a restaurant, 74% of people saying that easy to read menu is their priority.

It Lower Your Cost

Digital Menu Boards will lower your cost in a long run in few ways.

  1. It save on printing cost - Many restaurant have their seasonal menu to suit different occasions, such as Chinese New Years, Valentines's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day...etc. The packages promotion for this will be different every year. Prior to digital menu boards, besides spending money on the designing, the restaurant owners also need to spend on printings. With digital menus, the images can be uploaded easily.
  2. It save on staff cost. With our cloud base and network system, Digital Menu Boards at various outlets can be updated in one go, prior to this, for restaurants that update their menus frequently and have many outlets, not only is the cost significant, but the arrangement is also troublesome.  Now they can update all menus together in instant with live menu feed from Digital Signage Solutions.

It Increases Efficiency And Productivity

Our interactive display screens not only display menus, it also allows customers to place orders. The orders will be sent to the kitchen directly, it does not only reduce the ordering mistakes, but also is much more effective. If the screen is integrated with a POS system, customer may also make their payments on it. It basically opens another ordering and cashier counter with minimal cost.

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