Digital Display Screen

What Is a Digital Display Screen?

Print displays have been in use for as long as most of us can remember. However, with the advent of new technology comes better ways to advertise, and these days, that can come in the form of using a digital display screen.

Attention-grabbing and cost-efficient, modern digital displays hold a significant edge over other forms of advertising.

How Does It Work?

Running ads through a digital display screen involves two key factors – the software and the hardware.

The software part involves using a software program to run ads. Some software programs allow a display to be used while simultaneously running an add, like a countdown timer, which comes in handy with businesses that have long queues, like banks, for example.

Other software allows business owners to create customized audio and video content that can be shown to the audiences. In some cases, the software even allows control of what to show and when to show it, such as showing breakfast deals in the morning and dinner deals in the evening, or cameras display live video feeds of an event as it happens.

The hardware part is the actual display itself and the piece of hardware used to connect the display to the digital player. A display can be of any size. They can be as small as a foot-long or they can be as big as a billboard. TV sets can also be used as a display for ad purposes.

What Are Its Advantages

There are six main advantages to using a digital display screen to advertise your business, such as:

  1. Unlike print advertising, once already set-up, you can change what's showing on a digital display in an instant. So long as the layout or ad is already ready, it can be changed right away. This makes it ideal for businesses that require time-sensitive ads, which is every business ever.
  2. The possibilities of using digital ads to engage customers are endless, and businesses are still continuously finding ways to outdo each other as we speak.
  3. Once set-up, maintenance cost becomes a non-factor since you very rarely need to replace the display unless an accident happens. Zero paper waste also makes it an environment-friendly investment.
  4. Using digital ads allow you to make instant changes across all of your business' branches. Since displays are often connected to a single network, it's easy to rectify changes or change the ad when necessary.
  5. Digital displays can also be made interactive, like touch-screen displays that are commonly used in malls, restaurants, banks, and more.
  6. Using digital ads reduces costs of advertising in general, especially the operating costs since all the content can be produced from one location and there's no need to hire a lot of people to manage the ad campaign.

How Can It Help My Business?

Using a digital display screen is one of the most cost-effective ways to engage and retain customers; they are more attractive to look at and are generally positively received.

The potential for increased revenue by dedicating certain spaces of the display to advertising other partner products and brands is also an added, welcome incentive.


For businesses to stay competitive and increase revenue, keeping up with times is necessary, and that includes investing in modern advertising techniques.

With little maintenance costs and endless possibilities of use, not using a digital display screen these days to advertise is a missed opportunity.

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