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What Is A Digital Signage Interactive Display

The word "signage" is easy to understand; these are signs used by businesses to advertise. Add the word "digital" and you've got one of those modern displays that you see so often these days. Think, that huge screen AD found in just about every corner of the Times Square in New York.

Digital signage interactive displays, however, are a bit different and we'll explain why below.

Digital Signage Interactive Display

Unlike your typical digital signage display, interactive displays are something that bystanders and customers can interact with.

Where people just watch whatever is being presented in a normal digital display ad, customers can actually touch and use digital signage interactive displays.

In a way, these are like huge tablets or smartphones. You can use it, touch it, and interact with it, as the name implies. However, you can only use it for the intended purpose of whatever business is using it to advertise.

For restaurants, you can probably use it order, book a table, or browse their menu. For malls, they use digital signage interactive displays to help shoppers navigate and know which shops are where. Among others.

What Are Its Advantages?

The main purpose of digital signage interactive displays is to engage people and make them interact with it.

With the potential of increased exposure and retention, as well as the cost of large screens and software going down considerably over the past few years, it's no wonder that these types of digital displays are becoming more common as advertisers look to out-creative their competitors.

How Can It Help My Business?

Though expensive, interactive signage displays are well worth the investment if and when used properly.

For businesses that need a way to engage customers on a surface level while they are waiting in line or walking around, like malls and restaurants, having such displays help improve a customer or visitor experience by giving them the information they need when they need it. In addition, the space is perfect for attractive and engaging ads, which help add more revenue to your business by allowing you to offer ad spaces for sponsors and business partners.

While most companies selling these complicated systems will require customers to attend a training or seminar for a few days so they know how to run it, they end up paying for themselves in a short amount of time.


No other reasonably priced piece of technology can make it possible to make so many types of information, especially if related to your business, available to your audience in one place than digital signage interactive displays.

If you thought that digital signages helped you engage your customers, wait until you get to use touchscreens.

For round-the-clock exposure, these interactive displays allow you to display the necessary information for your customers when they need it, often on a variety of screens. Think of it as giving a personal tablet with only your business' app installed to your customers. At events, setting up temporary interactive displays work in a similar manner, albeit it will have to be more customized.

Regardless of how you're considering of using them, interactive displays are sure to be of some kind of use to your business.

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