Digital Signage System

Digital Signage System provides a digital screen with static messages that rotate every few seconds with multiple advertisers sharing on it, it has been widely used in many industries especially in retail outlets, restaurants...etc. It has been gaining its popularity recently and has been replacing the traditional print ads like banners as it not only has better performance and also more cost effective.

How Does it work

Basically it uses an LCD screen which showcases digital contents which is in text, images, video or interactive interfaces. Multiple contents can be shown in the same screen to make the screen more interesting. The brightness of the screen is 2 times as bright as a television so that people can view the screen from a distance. The screen can be viewed portrait or landscape. Very often consumer having an array of screens to form a Video Wall. For retails with multiple outlets, the system is usually controlled using network system and is a cloud base. The server may download the content to all systems in an instant through its content management system. The system comes with a commercial grade IPS system which enable the advertisements to run 24/7 without reduction in image and colour quality. The system may accent multiple media inputs, and with the plug and play function you can make it more user-friendly, it can accept thumb drives, video players and it also equipped with central processing unit which operates in the Android or Windows system.

Wall Mounted Digital Signage Display

We provide Digital Signage Display which comes in various sizes. It is lightweight and comes with a super slim profile and hence, can be wall mounted. The screen can turn to view in portrait and landscape. The screens are bright and have full HD display with 1080p with wide view angle so as people and see it from a distance, Beside being widely used in retail outlets, it is very popular to use as digital menu boards in Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR). It comes with free scheduling software where different contents can display at different times, for example digital menu boards showing breakfast, lunch and dinner during times when there are served only.

Video Wall

An array of digital display screen can combine to form a video wall. Video walls are best to use when showcasing  a product as it causes it to really stands out, with a screen that is so big, eye-catching and content rich, it really attract the attentions of everyone.

Digital Display Kiosk

Digital Display Kiosk comes with a stand that makes it so that it can be placed at any location on the floor. It gives people a lot of freedom of where to place the digital signage as it doesn't need any extra foundation to hold it.

What are the benefits

Digital Signage Displays provides better engagement with the patrons. Statistic showed that 80% of people have entered a store because the digital signage caught their eyes. 40% of people said that digital signage had affected their buying decision. 47% can recall information on digital signage after they they saw it. All this is because of human nature where we are all visual people, and we are more attracted to motion pictures compare to a static picture.

How it helps

Beside being able to showcase your product more effectively, with the help of interactive screen, stores may actually engage with consumer and collect data of their preference, buying habits, most popular items, and things they are looking for...etc. Stores may also get the consumers to download apps and to visit the store's website by simply providing a QR code.

As the content of the display can be uploaded easily with the help of network system, the marketing personnel may actually try out plenty of digital contents to see which is the most engaging ad and hence, improving the effectiveness of the advertisement.

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