Electronic Signage System

Good question, one that doesn't exactly have an exact answer.

There's a lot of discussion as to exactly what an electronic signage system is, or even if it is the right one. However, one thing that you cannot deny is that you can find them everywhere; down the road, outside your favourite restaurant, at the airport entrance, or the front of your school.

Because you can find it all around us, the term electronic signage system works as a catch-all term for all technologies using LCD, LED, and Projection to display different types of content, ranging from digital images to videos, among others.

How Do It Work?

There are four main elements that make up a typical electronic signage system. This includes the central server that's usually found in a remote location, the display panels or the physical screen you look at, a media player nearby, and a means of connection between the player and the display panels. Sometimes, there is no central server, and the interaction is between the media player, the connection, and the display panel.

For more intricate systems that involve multiple display panels, a central server is necessary. This is where new or updated files are uploaded and then sent to the media player which then transmits it to any display panel that is connected to the network.

It is also possible to upload an image directly to the media player for it to show to the display panel that it is connected to.

What Are Its Advantages?

There are three key advantages to using an electronic signage system: first is that the message is sent to consumers where it is most relevant to the environment that they are currently at, second is that it is dynamic and that the message can change depending on the location, time or day, and finally, because it is relatively easy to set up as any business that already has an existing print advertisement will likely already have all the tools necessary to launch a digital signage campaign.

How Can My Business Benefit From It?

There are plenty of advantages to using an electronic signage system for your business.

This includes:

  1. Electronic signages demand attention. A well-crafted ad can make anyone passing by look at it, even if only for a few seconds, which greatly improves brand exposure.
  2. Electronic signages are highly customizable. You can change and adjust anything on the display, from the message to the time of the day a particular ad is shown. You can even add one of your new products as soon as it's made available.
  3. Electronic signages are cost-effective. The initial costs may be higher than traditional ad spaces, but you don't need to spend much to maintain the display. It also doesn't cost any ink or paper to change the display and you can do it even on your own without much hassle.
  4. Electronic signages positively impact customer experience. If you have a higher budget, interactive displays can help direct customers to whatever it is they are looking for or entertain them while they are waiting for something. Regardless of how they use it, the signage is sure to leave a positive and lasting impression of your business.


As easy and quick as electronic signages are to install, their potential impact on your business is the total opposite.

You can give your business a facelift with a simple electronic display, changing how your customers perceive you and your business, and generate more revenue without having to invest as much.


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