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video wall

Video Wall is an array of Digital Display Screens that combine together in order to form one large screen. The reason for using a video wall instead of one large size screen, mainly is due to technology limitation and manufacturing of huge screen is more costly as smaller screen is mass produced and is of less engineering challenges.

Video walls had been used in places where with wide spare and high human traffic, and patrons are suppose to view it from a distance such as airports and outdoor advertisement panel at shopping streets. Recently, it has also been used at smaller venues like shopping malls where people may notice it at a distance and interact with it up-close. It has been effective in attracting more people and has helped marketing people effectively get across a message to the general public.

Video walls are normally equipped with network equipments and multiple video cards and may runs in Windows or Android.

Video Wall can be made interactive by using touch screen and or by providing a QR code for smartphone users. Marketing  personnel may utilise the advertisement content in the display to achieve their objectives, such as getting people to download apps, to get updates and notice from merchants and such.

The main reasons the demand for interactive video walls have become higher:

  • Digital advertisement increases the chances of impulsive purchases.
  • Network connected advertisement content software allows us to broadcast the message efficiently and cost effectively.
  • May display more than a static graphic which help top engagement and to get more attention from patrons and leave a stronger impression to viewers.
  • The advertisement can be interactive and may connect with consumer through the touch screen function, app downloads, or website visits.


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