Interactive Digital Display

Ever wondered how to utilise your commercial space to the maximum? How to attract window shoppers to your store? Interactive digital displays could be your solution.

What is an interactive digital display? It is actually just like a bigger Ipad in which you can display on your window or have standing outside your store to play your advertisements. Unlike normal banners or posters which show static advertisements, the screen may runs video advertisements and of course, plenty of advertisements to showcase what you have to offer, current offers and new products...etc. Not only that, like what the name showcases, it has interactive means, so users may touch the items on screen that they would like to know more, thus increasing the chances of them making the purchase.

Best View Media carries these products that may serve as Interactive Digital Displays:

Interactive Digital Displays have been widely used in the shopping malls for containing information and directory points. As a matter of fact, it can be used best for advertisement purposes to help small shop owners to increase their sales. For larger shop with wide windows, many have used digital displays as video walls. Not only does it look fantastic, it can also feature more products. For instances, comparing a fashion shop that displays latest fashion designs using mannequins and a video with professional models on the screen as big as 8x2ft, which will be better? Another example, a grocery shop displaying 12 items on promotion in a poster, each item takes the place of 1/12 of the poster. comparing it to a digital screen that runs 12 advertisements on the screen of the same size, each item can take up 100% of the screen size.

The initial investments on digital screens could be higher compared to banners and posters, however in a long run, you will save cost as there is no printing cost subsequently, and not to mention the responses of digital screens are much better.

Interactive digital screens can be used perfectly in restaurants or retail shops, as one may make purchases on the screen itself. Instead of using printed menus, restaurants should use interactive screens as their menus, and customers can make their orders through the screens and the orders will be send directly to the kitchen. In this case, not only it is more efficient, but it can also save cost for restaurants as less waiters are needed to take the food orders. This is particularly useful for people who takes a longer time to make their decisions on their meals, it gives them a more pleasant experience without the waiters feeling impatient.

Digital screens have been widely used as modern signages as it attracts more customers with its motion pictures which is much more interesting than traditional static signages. It can be used indoors or outdoors and their sizes can be customised, it also has a low power consumption and hence, would not give you a heart attack after looking at the utility bills.


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