Interactive Screen

Interactive Screens allow users to interact with digital contents. It normally comes with touchscreen panels. However, with the popularity of smartphones, the digital contents can achieve more than that, marketing teams had been using contents to attract customers to scan QR codes, download apps, visit their website,  join their membership...etc.

Besides being an advertisement tool, it may also being a information providers. It is used to provide directory information in malls. At the same time, it takes an extra step to tell the customers of current promotion or activities coming up in the malls to help the outlets get more visitors and to make people revisit the mall for up coming events.

How it works

Interactive Screens are Touch Screen Kiosk or Digital Signage Display with touch screen functions. Our digital signage solution can run in Android and Windows platform. The content of the screens can controls using computer network system. Our system come with plug and play function and can have multiple inputs. The contents can be texts, pictures, audios and video functions. With smartly content control, the contents can be made interactive with consumers.

Consumers may click on the programs on the touchscreen panel and brows the contents installed. Our touchscreen technology uses 6 points IR touch for more sensitive and accurate sensors and allow for more variety of applications. With proper planning of the contents, the interactive screen may serve as a sale kiosk, information counter and your marketing personnel.


What are the benefits

It is a good tool for marketing. Digital Display Screen is no doubt being the best out-of-home advertisement solution, in fact Digital Signage System has the highest reach in compare to any other advertisement tool. Interactive screen bring the digital display system to a higher level by achieving more than just delivering the messages, it can also get responses from consumers, collecting datas...etc. Besides that, it can also help you save on the staff cost. Using interactive screens as information counter not only provide most accurate information, but also operates 24/7. It may also serve as customer service kiosk to help customers for some simple admin tasks such as membership applications, feedbacks submitting...etc. It is efficient as the information can be updated instantly through network system. Interactive screen is fun. Merchants may upload some games to the screen and encourage consumers to play the game to gain loyalty points. In simple, with proper planning of the contents, it helps you brand yourself more effectively, improve front line services, save cost and increases sales.



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