Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are best in capturing peoples attention and at the same time informing them of the offers and recommend them the menu for today. One huge advantages of digital menu boards is you may add motion pictures to the display and making it more eye-catching . Also a same screen may show many ads as they may rotate.

For restaurants with few outlets, the networked and cloud-base system enables you to update the contents of multiple devices at 1 click.

Touch screen kiosk helps the owner to reduce cost and improve efficiency during peak hours. Customer may place order direct from the screen where the order will send to kitchen directly. It may also integrate with POS system to let customer make their payments.

Digital Menu Board 1

Auto Schedule

Come with auto timer where may set time for automatic on/off. And also set time for different ad set to be shown at different time for example breakfast menu, lunch menu .. etc

Cloud Base

Wifi content management where the content may be undated through a server. Multiple devices' contents can be undated through cloud based technology

Touch Screen

10-points touch control. Sensitive and support multiple hand gesture.

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24% Increase in sales

Quick serve restaurant noted average 24% increase in sales after using digital menu boards


33% Reduction Waiting Time

The presumptive waiting time would be reduce by 33% for restaurants with digital menu board


74% Customers Prefer Digital Menu Board

74% of customers said they were attracted and prefer to walk into a restaurant with digital menu board

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