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Touch Screen Kiosk is a Digital Signage Kiosk come with touch screen technology, it allows users to interact with the screen to get the information they need or to make an order, a purchase or a booking. 

Touch screen kiosk have been a great help to many merchants nowadays. Touch screen interact with consumers very effectively and make them be able to target their niche by providing more information to the right audience.

Our touch screen kiosk uses 6 point IR touch technology. Which means at 1 point of time, it is able to capture 6 touching point on the screen, as such it allows multiple users. The screen is also equipped with sensitive and accurate sensors and allows more variety of applications, zoom in, zoom out .. etc. It also include integrated speakers for better interaction with users.

The kiosk is easy to install, with integrated castors, and super slim screen profile. As such it is easily portable. The contents can be uploaded simply with its plug and play function and also allows multiple inputs providing user conveniences. For user with multiple units, the contents can be uploaded using digital content management system consisting of a network system, all Touch Screen Kiosk can be uploaded with new contents instantly. It is not only efficient, also easier to manage for marketing teams.

What Are the Benefits

Touch Screen Kiosk is the best interactive screen , it can be uploaded with interactive contents to interact with consumer. Marketing teams may base on the consumers' behaviours on the screen to gather their informations and target them more effectively. For example they may know what product that most of the customer are looking for and may expand the range in their sales floor.

Touch Screen Kiosk is also a perfect tool as directory tools in shopping malls. This helps the mall operators to provide better customer experience and save their staff cost. To enhance the features, the mall may also update consumers on the current promotions and upcoming activities in the mall to help store to generate higher sales and attract customer to visit the mall again.


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Screen Size48.5"54.64"
Product Size734 x 1837 x 100807 x 1947 x 100
Display Size604 x 1073.8680.4 x 209.6
Resolution1920 x 10801920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio16:916:9
Touch Screen SpecInfrared, 6 PointsInfrared, 6 Points
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Retail Outlets

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Convention And Exibition Halls


Shopping Mall

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